Why is heating system maintenance so important?

  • Powerflush Services from Jon Longhurst

If a heating system is performing badly then it is likely that it is also running uneconomically. Often a small amount of maintenance is all that is required to restore a plumbing or heating system to its full capacity.

The condition of many systems deteriorates over time especially if they have had an extended period without maintenance.

Often we will recommend a Powerflush which is a method of chemically cleaning central heating systems whilst under pressure. It is a requirement of BS 7593:2006 to clean a central system when replacing a boiler.

This cleaning process, however achieved, must ensure that when sampled using a TDS gauge the heating water is within 10% of a reading gained from the incoming water main. This is often not done by other companies which usually leads to boiler failures. We always recommend using trusted installers who ensure that the cleaning process is performed thoroughly.

Our engineers can advise whether a Powerflush is necessary for a poorly maintained system and we are highly experienced in carrying out the procedure if it is deemed to be beneficial.

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